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Ayurveda promotes healthy living for a healthy life. This encapsulates almost all aspects of life, including good bodily functioning on the inside and visible benefits such as better skin. Ayush offers Ayurveda courses in skincare using natural, holistic methods to achieve flawless hair and skin. Diet, regular ayurvedic therapy work together to achieve supple, soft and well-moisturized skin which in turn can help mental health by promoting feelings of body positivity and self-confidence. Described below are a few aspects of this course which will be elaborated in the sessions: Abhyangam, or massage with oil, an oil ritual to stimulate blood flow and also improves skin elasticity and provides deep moisturization. The type of oils to be used, the methods will all be taught in the skincare Ayurveda course.

Ayurveda tackles skin problems in a holistic way and promotes healing by simple, natural means. This means being able to maintain skin pH, and easing out body chemistry in any way which makes it the healthiest way to attain flawless skin. Learn the nuances of ayurvedic skincare and more only at Ayush and become a professional ayurvedic practitioner.

Garshana is one of the other body care regimens which will be taught in the Ayush Ayurveda course. Garshana involves using a silk glove to brush the whole body. This helps increase lymphatic drainage and hastens dead skin turnover. Regular garshana gives a glowing complexion to skin due to deep exfoliation. These kinds of various procedures involved in Ayurveda will taught in detail at the Ayush Ayurveda course.

Use of “ubtan” which is made of natural ingredients, oils, medical waters, herbs, etc. to improve skin texture alongside regular exercise, yoga and even steaming can allow the pores to dispel all the ama in the form of sweat. Other such skincare technique and tips from Ayurveda will also be taught.

Natural foods for a healthy life and proper upkeep of the body and body functions through better diet will also be part of the Ayurveda course at Ayush.


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