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Around the world, there are many Ayurvedic Training Institutes. But the most popular Ayurvedic Training Institutes are based in India, the birth cradle of the science of Ayurveda. As Singapore’s No.1 Ayurveda clinic brand, Ayush Ayurveda has made it its personal mission to bring authentic Ayurvedic training to the island with the creation of Ayush Ayurveda Academy.

Ayurveda is an ancient science which has been practiced in India for about 5000 years. The principles and practices are based on a number of factors, each of which has been elaborated in the ayurvedic texts. Vedas are the oldest scriptures in the world and carry in depth details on the practice of Ayurveda. In order to understand them, and put them to use, Vaidyas would learn and study the nuances of ancient science. This was then taught to their students who would learn the various detailed aspects of Ayurveda at Ayurvedic Training Institutes.

In modern times, while the foundations and treatment basics of Ayurveda remain the same, it has evolved to treat a wide variety of physical and mental ailments. The practices prescribed by Ayurveda, the numerous ayurvedic medicines, the herbal remedies, are all utilized with the best results for various lifestyle diseases. If you’ve ever been interested in learning the secrets of ayurvedic healing science, Ayush has the best opportunity! Ayush now offers at its ayurvedic training institute a number of ayurvedic courses with different objectives and recommended durations. The various aspects of Ayurveda which have been passed down through the ages continue to be taught at Ayush Ayurveda Academy through the various courses offered here.

In the past, teaching ayurvedic methods was a long process. Every tiny detail was analyzed and taught in a way that enabled deeper understanding of the science itself. This included understanding the basis of Ayurveda. Treating every aspect of life as a whole to overall health of the body, mind and soul, centuries of work, perfecting of herbal concoctions and remedies have been arrived at. Their usage and preparation was a key attribute of ayurvedic training.

With Ayush, at the ayurvedic training institute, it is possible to undergo the same form of rigorous training in a simplified way. Learning the core ayurvedic practices, which have been split according to what you prefer to study in-depth. Learning the ancient science has become easy with technology. Ayurveda is not merely a few recipes and techniques, it is intrinsic and deep. Right from diagnosis of the problem, to the various factors affecting it, and ayurvedic solutions individualized based on dosha type, lifestyle, are all covered in these courses.

Learn Ayurveda the way it has been learnt historically; just as the vedas have prescribed the science. We have just made authentic Ayurvedic learning easy and thorough.



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