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With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased thrust in everyone to stay fit and healthy. Now, we know that to fight the deadly coronavirus, we need to build a strong immune system. And we should live a more holistic life – with physical, mental and emotional well-being.

There has been an increased demand for Ayurveda studies programme over the past years, mainly, because the world has started to realize that Ayurveda doesn’t treat them superficially but addresses the root cause of the problem and helps to heal.

People are often confused when it comes to studying Ayurveda. Many think that it needs specialized basic qualifications and the only avenue in Ayurveda as a profession is to become a doctor. But the fact is that anyone who wants to know about their own body and lead a healthy life can learn Ayurveda. Also, there are several medical and para-medical professions in Ayurveda, which helps gain successful careers through various Ayurveda studies programmes and establish themselves as Ayurveda professionals.

An important benefit of Ayurveda studies programme is that it is personal, professional, familial and communal. Ayurveda believes in improving health through holistic approaches. By studying Ayurveda, you can gain personal benefits for your health and well-being. With an increase in demand for traditional medicines and healthcare approaches, a career in Ayurveda is a sought-after one. The Ayurveda studies help one realise the true self, integrating practical and philosophical insight into the medical system. Professional training by distinguished Ayurveda practitioners can transform you to become an Ayurvedic professional and serve humanity.


In Ayurveda, self-healing is the first step. Before treating or recommending Ayurveda to others, one should engage with it wholeheartedly. Once you develop an understanding of self through Ayurveda and apply the learning in your life, you will become a competent Ayurvedic student. You will learn the foundation of the medical system, assessment techniques and hands-on experience in treatment and therapies. Once the training is over, you can guide people on lifestyle changes, diet, and offer individualised healthcare recommendations.

Over a period, a candidate will learn to ascertain how to apply the Ayurvedic principles to empower or direct others for a healthy way of living. Isn’t it a humbling experience to help others live a healthy life?


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