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Ayurveda is an ancient science which covers a wide array of remedies, healing practices and lifestyle changes to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. The core of Ayurveda lies in leading a simple life, one which is in touch with nature and all the wellness it offers. Ayush offers an Ayurveda training course which deals with Ayurveda lifestyle practices.

To bring you an Ayurveda training course which is complete in all respects is what we at Ayush have strived to do. This Ayurveda training course at Ayush will teach you not only how Ayurveda can be employed successfully in real life for improving the quality of life, treating diseases and helping prevent diseases, it will also take you through the complete understanding you will need to succeed as a qualified Ayurveda practitioner. That means delivering to you and Ayurveda training course the complete with the knowledge, herbs, oils, procedures, therapies, human physiology, food, doshas and more.

The value of exercise and the ayurvedic reasons for it will all be taught in this course. Canned, processed, chemically preserved foods have become the norm. Going back to the roots and preparing fresh, homemade fare using fresh, organic ingredients, creates a massive improvement in all aspects of health. Bland, tasteless food is not a joy to make or eat. However, a well-seasoned meal can drastically improve enjoyment of eating. Ayurveda lists a number of herbs and spices, all of which have great health benefits. Simply by adding them to your food, you are guaranteed better health. The benefits of eating clean and healthy is a core aspect of ayurveda that will be explored in detail in this Ayurveda training course. Similarly, Ayurveda believes that it is the frequency of drinking water which matters more than the quantity. The importance of water and how it should be taken to ensure hydration and better digestion is also be taught as part of this Ayurveda training course.

The practice of meditation and its benefits in the mental and physical well-being of patients will also  be taught in this Ayurveda training course. Several massage therapies and procedures which connects mental and physical health will also be handled in this course.

Learn about all this and more and become an Ayurveda professional helping your patients live a truly beneficial ayurvedic lifestyle through this Ayush ayurvedic course.


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